Lets Design Your Home
Lets Design Your Home
Lets Design Your Home
Lets Design Your Home
Lets Design Your Home


At Derrick Furniture and fittings limited, we pride in designing and manufacturing a range of stylish, durable and comfortable Furniture, that is aimed at giving your house that elegant look while preserving as much space as possible for you to have the freedom that you deserve in your home.

We employ cutting edge technology of plasma metal cutting and Computerized Numeric Cutting to marry wood and metal to deliver to you durable, stylish and professionally seasoned furniture



Create more working space in your living room with a more workable and elegant design for your living room with a touch of class

Our simple and durable chairs that create a professional touch in your home organization

Choose our simple and elegant dinning tables to weigh the pros and cons of these popular kitchen furniture ware.


We will make what you want to entirely suit your needs.

At derrick furniture and fittings we incorporate design and muscle to deliver our armored tables to suit your needs.

Love the stool contact us to incorporate style and elegance while delivering the intended purpose of the stool

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